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エスモード ジャポンでは、スティリズム(デザイン)・モデリズム(パターン&縫製)を柱に、基礎から応用、




ESMOD JAPON第34回卒業コレクション

過去の作品を模倣するのではなく、すでに発表されたコレクションのリメイクをするのでもなく、クラシックなアヴァンギャルドの概念を超える「BEYOND AVANT-GARDE」(アヴァンギャルドの先へ)に挑戦します!現代を超えるにとどまらず、斬新さと革新のその先まで辿り着いた卒業コレクションにご期待ください!

Beyond avant-garde!

ESMOD JAPON 34th graduation collection

In this year of renewal, we have submitted the word “avant-gardism” to our students as a basis for reflection. But we also asked them for an extra effort in their search for originality by setting the title of the graduate collection as follows: “BEYOND AVANT-GARDE”!

We would them to go further than the classical avant-gardism, further than the rejection of what exists or what has existed, and further than a basic renewal or an annoying reinterpretation of what was once done, what was fashionable in the past.

This year, our students did not content with the fact to be ahead of their time; they managed to be ahead of the originality and innovation, Beyond avant-garde!